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Horses Of Wisdom Inspirations

Table of Contents

Karin's Background
Osteochondrisis (OCD) - LadyGrace's
Genetic Condition
The OCD Gene Has Been Found!
YouTube Videos
LadyGrace and More
Honoring Wisdom, a Rescue Belgian Horse
Online Radio Show
Pet Loss Grief Counseling
Experience Life Coaching
In The News
The Orphan
A True Story
Health Products for
Horses & Humans
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Publications: Magic of Intention & Confessions of a Fake-Nail Aholic


Confessions of a Fake-Nail Aholic


Purchase this book for $14.50 through the Publisher:

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About the book: The book, Confessions of a Fake-Nail Aholic, is a humorous metaphor about one woman's journey in and out of the clutches of a beauty product that completely enslaved her to the point of addiction. Her story is told with a generous sprinkling of common sense, humor and helpful solutions. It is both frightening and funny to see how she fanatically sticks to a bi-weekly routine of costly cosmetic enhancers in order to feel better about herself.

The author shares her personal addiction to fake nails as an inspiration to others who may have similar issues and insecurities.

What people are saying:

Karin has put together a lovely humorous metaphor about how we are all slaves sometimes to the way that others see us. I say metaphor even though this was all very real to her.

Hopefully, you won't be left hanging by your fake nails.

Luther Norman (, Texas

Karin!! You did it again, you wrote another great book! My friend this book is so you. You offer laughter and fun, paired with vital informative solutions.

I am so thrilled to be able to congratulate you on this second book and am already looking forward to your next one! Keep writing Karin, you truly are inspiring!
~ Roxanne Franklin, Photographer

This is a fun, quirky must-have book for all of you girlfriends that wear fake humorously allows you to confront a potential health hazard. After reading this book, it will open your eyes to yet another high price women pay for the sake of artificial beauty.
~ Christine Martin (Lizzul), Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Reiki Intuitive

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(e-Book available)