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Certified Pet Loss Grief Counselor


Have you ever loved and lost a pet?

The grieving of a pet — be it a fish, frog, cat, dog, horse, mule, bird, etc.— can be devastating.

Why? Because animals offer Unconditional Love and ask for so little in return.

If you read the story of my horse Baby at the beginning of this site, you will understand why I decided to become certified in this field.

Having experienced deep pain over the loss of several pets, I know firsthand what it feels like.

"I miss the little wagging tail;
I miss the plaintive, pleading wail;
I miss the wistful, loving glance;
I miss the circling welcome-dance."

~ Henry Willett, "In Memoriam"

Always remember, that love lives on, and, if you're open, your animal friend can still be with you...

Poem of the Teton Sioux called "I Sing for the Animals"

"Out of the earth I sing for them, A Horse nation I sing for them.

Out of the earth I sing for them, The Animals, I sing for them."

End of Ceremony


Pet Loss Grief Counseling Services

The following is information regarding my Pet Loss Grief Counseling:

Because so many of you are in different states and/or countries I will be able to do Pet (animal) Loss Grief Counseling over the phone.

How does that work? It works very well.

As a Certified Life Coach, I have been doing Life Coaching in my office for years via the phone and it's very effective.

Some of my clients are as far away as California, Iowa and Scotland.

Each Counseling Session Includes:

Each session will be one hour. In that hour we will cover all the details regarding the loss, how you are coping with the loss, why the pain remains, and other issues that arise with each individual. We will work together on the grief process that is unique to you and help you move forward with your life.

You do not have to be alone in your grieving and you're not "crazy" if you're crying or in pain over your pet. I have personally "cried a river" over my losses. At that time, I had no one to walk me through the grieving process. Things have changed (thank goodness) and I've found there is a greater understanding over the loss of any animal that one has become close to.

Another thing to remember, is that no one's grieving process is the same as someone else's. Each experience is individual and one may take longer than the other. That's alright.

Many people don't understand why one would be in tears of pain over the loss of a pet. Many of those people have never had a pet or they have never opened their hearts to these wonderful creatures! That is their choice.

Don't let that bother you. Grieve in your own way and at your own time. But, if you need help to walk through the pain of loss, give me a call.

As I mentioned before, I have experienced deep loss and I know what YOU are going through. Crying is good and healthy for you so, if you feel like it, go ahead! No judgments!

When you are ready, I am ready for you as your personal Pet Loss Grief Counselor.

I can help you heal and move forward through Counseling, Life Coaching and Visualization! This combination is powerful!

To make an appointment, please call 845-236-2557

You may pay through PayPal


When I first saw someone doing a Pet Blessing, I thought it was so wonderful gift for everyone involved.

So, along with doing Pet Loss Grief Counseling, I also perform a blessing ceremony for your pet.

These are beautiful ceremonies and what better way to start your new relationship or for that old relationship to have a Pet Blessing.

My hero is St. Francis of Assisi. How he loved the animals.

I'm not Catholic but I thought this priest must have been a very, very kind man at time when most were not kind to animals!

There is something beautiful and very spiritual about a Pet Blessing.

I'd never heard of one until I became involved with horses again. Now I understand the ritual behind the blessing.

I am qualified to perform these blessings which are such precious experiences.

By phone - I would need a photo of your pet (horse, cat, dog, bird,cow, etc.)
with name and type of pet/animal. Then I'll set up a date and time with you.

By Location: For the New York area I can drive to your place if it is not a
long distance from where I live.

The below PayPal button is for those who wish to have a blessing performed by phone.

Coming Soon: For those whom I have counseled, I am developing a Memorial Page in honor of their pet(s).