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More on Dreams

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I created the The Orphan Connection to awaken people to the fact that there are many unsung heroes, the forgotten ones who are making a difference. It is my deepest desire that orphans be recognized as heroes to a society that has often shuned them, not understood them, not apprciated their struggles, not been open to the possibilities that lies within each orphan.

There are many orphans who have made (and are presently making) a difference in society, in family life, in literature, in music, in the medical field, in the work place, etc. Being an orphan is NOT something to be ashamed of - I know, since I am one.

So honor yourself or someone you know who has been an orphan and has made a positive difference to you or to others. Send me the stories of orphans who you feel should be honored.

Life has been and continues to be an adventure.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you - see you someday, some time, some place drinking from your special CUP OF LIFE!.

God Bless You
You Are A Bright Star - Let It Shine!

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