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When I was day dreaming, I would imagine myself traveling with a computer - sort of a "Have Computer, Will Travel" which I did in the most unexpected way.

I had the wonderful opportunity to live in Europe for a year and travel with a group of environmental engineers from an American based consulting firm. My job was to design presentations and training manuals. My computer and printer went with me!

I traveled to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland while being based out of Cambridge, England.

The last place I lived in was Budapest, Hungary.

Everywhere I went - people were wonderful. They opened their hearts, their homes and their souls.

German Family


GOOD NEWS~ Günther came to the States bringing his family for a ten day visit in August. THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!

The family came and this is a picture of everyone! I experienced 10 days of joy! What a blessing.

My youngest German-born brother is quite amazing. He too is creative. He lives in France and is an actor/ teacher/director of theatre. I met him once for two hours in Paris, France. It was an unforgettable meeting and I hope someday to be able to visit he and his family for more than two hours. After ten years of no contact since that meeting, we are now back in touch with each. I hope to never loose contact again. To find out more about what he does click on (http://membres.lycos.fr/thcorbeau/LA_Cie.htm)


GERDI Over 15 years ago my oldest daughter, Kristin, and I traveled to Germany to meet Gerdi, my real mother. She's short, wore a dark wig and glasses. Spoke very broken English and was always happy to hear from me. She lived a simple life with her two cats. She passed away on Oct. 25, 2004 and I did not know about this until November the 8th, the day she was buried. My brother Harry told me about her death. I was so shocked as I thought she had already passed away. According to him, she was buried in a paupers gravesite and no one was there except for himself.


I met my brother Harri over 15 years ago also. Unlike me, he lived in the orphanage during most of his young life. He has an air of sadness surrounding him. Harri is very creative as a clothing designer and a gifted photographer.

Harry is now 54. I asked him how his life is for him and this is what he said (he used a translator as he no longer speaks or reads English).:

About my:
I live alone and withdrawn, have to nobody contact and look  also for none. Now I am the man who I to never be wanted, I am like my mother,

have grey hair,  eyeglasses, my teeth are wrong and my co-inhabitants are two lovely cats.
Someyears I did not have any income and got social welfare assistance. But now I work in a hospital in the administration, have my own office and an little Appartement, its o.k.

After reading what he had written, I broke down and cried. I was sorry for her although she was a bit crazy. I felt sorry for Harry because I remember him at another time when he was so full of life and adventure and I was reminded how my life could have been. I could have been that sad, bitter person but I'm not. Life has taken me to a different path as with Günther. What makes one persons life different from other members of a family?

I'm very glad and proud that I've had the opportunity to know who my real family is although this does not take away from the love I feel for my adopted family. They were there when I needed a family - they gave me warmth, love, shelter, and security. I could never turn my back on those who have made such a difference in my life! Thank you Ruth and Dad Russell - you've made difference!

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