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Dreams DO Come True

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Dreams DO Come True

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More on Dreams

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No matter how rough my journey has been - I always kept that inner light burning. I knew that I was not taken out of the orphanage to be forgotten by the Universe-that there was purpose in my living.

I realize that problems are simply opportunities for growth!

My Three Children

Kristin - A graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology and a former school teacher. Married with two adorable little boys.

Kristin COMPLETED working on her B.S.N. and has a job at St. Luke's Hospital!

She will certainly make a difference in this world!

Kristin is an excellent mother and wife. I am very proud of her.

Kristin - Cam - Shawn

Robert (Robby) - He is tall, handsome, quiet, and smart. Rob is stubborn like his father, sensitive like his mother, works hard, plays hard.

Robert is now married has three children and a loving wife who too is working towards her nursing certification.

He's turned out to be a wonderful, loving father and husband. I am very, very proud of him. AND he's working on a Business Degree.

Kari (Karine) - My youngest is tall, slim and a beautiful young lady Graduated from Southwest Texas State University with degree in Mass Communications-Advertising and minor in Business. Kari is a creative, sensitive, intelligent young adult with a bright future ahead.

Kari is completing her Master's Degree as a Diagnostician for Special Needs. Whatever she does in life, she will make a difference in the lives of others. She brings joy and compassion to everyone she meets.

This is a picture of Kari coming back from Greece! She looks very, very happy! You would never believe that she was super tired!

I'm very, very proud of her! She's become quite a young lady - full of life and adventure along with being responsible.



My three children have survived the pain of growing up in a divorced environment and have developed their own value systems. They are truly blessed with an inner strength that shines outwardly.

I feel that each one of my children are beautiful lights that shine so brightly and I'm very proud of them! I am also grateful for them because they have given me reality checks when I've needed it, given me unconditional love, and so much joy.

Life would have been so empty without them.

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