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I married a cold man and yet a very intelligent man. Somehow we managed to have three beautiful children. Ten years later, we divorced because he was verbally abusive. Of course that was not stated in the divorce decree, but those who knew us as a couple would agree that he did not treat me with any kind of respect. The verbal abuse went on daily, sometimes all day long.

The better I felt about myself, the more he felt threatened. I tried to work on my degree - he was non-supportive even though he was a well educated man. He never ran around on me, he was always home, but we never communicated. His only form of communication was criticism. According to him, I was too stupid to do anything. After a ten years of putting up with his verbal abuse, I felt it was time to move on. I knew that I could not change him but I could change myself.

Footnote: After 20 years of being divorced from this man, there has been a healing. Our oldest daughter recently married. The family was together again for the first time in those 20 years. It was such a good reunion that I no longer felt anger towards my ex-husband. He's proud of his daughter as he should be and to see my ex-in-laws which included my brother and sister-in-law, was a blessing.

One can only be angry for so long, and it stops serving its purpose. Letting go felt so right. The wedding was beautiful, but the healing was better. That does not mean that lessons are not to be learned - but that we must all move forward or we will stay stuck in the anger. I chose to let go and no longer stay stuck. How about you? If you are holding anger, there is no way to go but down. It is not worth the time spent on the anger - not even 20 years!

I thought my life would improve magically once my divorce was finalized. The opposite happened. I was labeled a divorcee with three small children, had car problems, my house was burglarized, there was never enough money, the list goes on and on.

I had a dream - I wanted to work in my home because I envisioned that computers would bring jobs to those mothers/fathers who wanted to work at home and be with their children. My neighbors thought I was nuts! What was crazy about wanting to be available to my children for their cub scout or brownie meetings, to allow them to have friends at the house and at the same time, make a living from my home. I wanted some normalcy to my life as well as my children - not just drop them off at the day-care and be too tired to enjoy them. Apparently, I was about 20 years ahead of my time. I still believe that this is possible and I hope to see it happen in my life time.

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