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Life After High School
After graduating from high school, I attended Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. I was not particularly interested in studying - just in boys, boys, boys. I attended several colleges within a span of 1 1/2 years and finally gave up. This is something I regreted for years. Eventually I went back to college the hard way and received a degree in psychology......but I'm getting ahead of the story.

I quit college and became a stewardess (flight attendant) (before the term "flight attendant" became popular) for a Delta Airlines. Life was fun again! Started in New Orleans, Louisiana, then transferred to Memphis, Tennessee.

What a blast! I burned the candle at both ends. Men, men, men. Dates, dates,dates, dates.

I was totally clueless about the world at large but I was having fun!

If Charlene, one of my roomates ever reads this, please contact me. I would like to rekindle our friendship.

Have you ever fallen in love so hard that you don't know how you'll live without that person? This happened to me.

I fell hopelessly in love with Paul. He will always be someone very special in my heart for we shared a special love. He was raised in an interfaith environment. His mother was Methodist and his father was Jewish. It made no difference to me - he was the love of my life.

My parents, on the other hand, could not accept his religious background for they were staunch Southern Baptist. They would call me or send me literature regarding this issue on a daily basis. Even the preacher from the small town in rural Texas started calling me and sending pamphlets. They harrased me on a constant basis, day after day.

I began to show signs of an emotional breakdown. I was emotionally torn apart. I wanted to please everyone and at the same time, I wanted to love Paul and that our love be accepted!

Paul ended the relationship because he could see what it was doing to me emotionally. My parents would call and I'd start crying. I started crying about everything and when Paul ended our relationship through a very cruel letter, I was devastated. Shortly after that I was placed in a hospital for I almost died of an internal bleeding ulcer. I wanted to die - my true love was gone, he wouldn't even visit me in the hospital. I felt betrayed by my parents, my religious leader, my church, and mostly, and abndoned by Paul.

I lost my love and I lost myself and grief took over my life. At that time, I decided that nothing mattered. I felt so alone and my heart was broken in a million pieces.

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