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Good Ole USA
My adopted mother, Ruth, was a beautiful, rich widow who had lost her true love. She married Bob Russell before she finished high school at the ripe old age of sixteen. There was never a doubt in my mind that she married her soulmate. It was a wonderful love story - of friendship, of trustworthiness, of pride, of intimacy, with so many of the of positive attributes of what I believe a relationship should be. They had it all - God, why did it have to end?

Now, over 40, she became a widow who suddenly had to grow up and make her own decisions. She was vulnerable.

Mama's Mama
For awhile my brother and I lived in Kirbyville, Texas with my grandmother, Mama's Mama. Mama's Mama was a tough disciplinarian. She believed in the use of small, thin tree branches if you did something that she disapproved of. At times she was frightening, but at other times she was just a sweet grandmother. I remember Mama's Mama making her "famous" fig preserves just for me. I also remember her introducing me as Ruth's adopted daughter. I do not know why she felt the need to explain my existence that way. I don't believe she was trying to hurt me, I think it was because I had a strong foreign accent at that time.


Ruth eventually remarried. This was NOT a match made in Heaven. Her new husband had been married before and had a daughter from a previous marriage. He was a jewelry salesman who traveled all over the United States.

During the first few years of their marriage, we lived in Houston, Texas. It soon became evident that they were from two different worlds. Ruth had lived a glamorous life full of excitement and prestige. Her husband, on the other hand, came from a lower middle, cold, and strict English background. He had had polio at one time and walked with a limp which resulted in his obsession with vintage cars - the more he owned, the happier he was.

"I pledge allegiance..."
At ten-years old, while attending Bunkerhill Elementary School in Houston, I became an American citizen, pledging allegiance to my new country. The entire school had heard about this event and announced it over the PA system. I felt so special! My classmates made me feel as if I belonged. There was great joy and celebration on that day.

The Lonely Years
Ruth's second husband was verbally abusive to her. Mother put up with it since she was of the old belief system that if she was a good wife, prayed a lot, attended church, everything would turn out all right. But everything didn't turn out all right. The family moved to a small isolated town in rural Texas. My parents built a home twice the size of the one in Houston and my best friend was Baby, my horse.

Those were lonely years. I would sometimes go outside at night and sing my heart out. Or gaze at the stars for answers. Sometimes I would pretend that a UFO would whisk me away from all the sadness and tension.

My soul cried out for love and peace.

My high school years should have been my happiest, but they were not. The tension kept getting worse and worse with the years.

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