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Death - What does that mean to an 8-year old?
My brother, Bob, and I were whisked off to enjoy a "three day vacation" at the family-owned beach house while my father was being buried! We did not know that anything was wrong. It was only after we were taken back to Caracas did we hear the grim news.

My world turned upside down. I was abandoned again. My Hero was gone forever. Then the old fear of being sent back to Germany started creeping up. I felt very, very insecure. All I could think of was to just be good - maybe I won't be sent back.

I didn't grieve like my brother - I didn't know how to grieve.

The world lost a wonderful man and I lost my HERO.

Have you ever known someone who made such an impact on your life?

Have you ever met someone who loved you unconditionally?

To be loved so profoundly is a gift not to be taken lightly. Dad Russell has always been there for me at a different level. He is my guide. I believe that the energy of a loved one does not leave when one dies, it stays with you forever.

As a result of my experiencing so much grief in my life, I have become a Certified Grief Counselor. I am also a CTA Certified Life Coach.

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