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  The gift of a father's love

To the left is a picture of my adopted father. He was my hero and would call me his "Little Princess." I felt so special.

Dad (a title I gladly learned to use) taught me my most valuable lesson in life - that lesson was UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

He was a saintly man!

He showed me how to treat others with respect and how to make everyone feel special. He was my mentor, my soul teacher. He was not only successful in caring for his family, he was successful in business.

I was happy for the first time in my life for I belonged to a family unit. It didn't matter where they were from - it only mattered that they wanted me.

Life was good for four years - I remember the wonderful candlelight dinners, the maid who brushed my hair every day so I would look like Shirley Temple (the trend in those days), the trips to the open market and buying silly sun glasses, the egg lady that would bring the eggs by every day and how at Easter she always had a rabbit for us, the fruit vendors with their quaint carts.

I also remember having to learn to share with my new brother (the one in the picture). Now, that was no easy task!

I was encouraged to not speak German which caused me to eventually forget it. Spanish and English were the spoken languages.

I thought my life was perfect and that it would go on forever. I had everything a child could ever want including love - so much love - something an orphan can never get enough of.

Fate had a different agenda.
After living this Cinderella life for a few years, my beloved father had a heart attack and died suddenly. My knight in shining armor was gone and life was forever changed. At least I had four good years.

I was lucky to have been able to leave the German orphanage but the fear of abandonment creeped up again. What would the future hold?

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