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Rags to Riches

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Story of Elijah

I was introduced to my new family on Christmas Eve 1950. What a gift for all of us! I no longer lived in confinement, wondering where the next meal would come from, looking out a window and wishing for a better life. The Russell family had money, lots of money, lots of food, and most of all, lots of love. I went from rags to riches.

The picture below is of my adopted mother, Ruth

my adopted brother Bob and myself. Mother (as I i learned to call her) patiently taught me social graces, how to eat, how to develop good personal habits, how to curtsey for her guests, how to chew my food, how to laugh, and how to feel secure and less afraid of being sent back to Germany. Fear of abandonment was never far away, but it seemed to subside with this family.

I became the daughter she always wanted and she became the mother I always wanted. We were close for a long time until I reached my teens.

Unfortunately, as I grew older and my environment changed, my mother and I grew apart. It became evident that we had major differences.

She never understood me, never understood my dreams, my goals, not even my at-home business. She died never accepting me. And at the same time, I knew she always loved me. She was a good person - honest to a fault, religious, caring, and funny at times.

She died of Alzheimers Disease several years ago. Thank you Ruth for being who you were and what you gave me.

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