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Bring Home Elijah Story...

Elijah is home with his wonderful parents: Edith & Donald Odiwo.

This is a beautiful and insightful story - a journey into adoption that this young
couple never thought would be so difficult especially since they were adopting
from their home country. What they discovered were the mishaps, corruption and laziness of the Immigration system in NYC as well as in the American Embassy in Nigeria.

Thanks to a particular Representative, this story had a happy ending. But many, many couples try to adopt in a timely manner and find frustration in the system. Edith & Donald were lucky and they want to share their story so you too can persist even when the system says "no."

Elija at 18 months with his parents! Look at that smile - he's winner in so many ways!

Listen to the interview and hear the story of this young couple. Perhaps you can help change the system so this won't happen to you or a friend who is trying to adopt. Together, let's stop the corruption and start thinking about the children that need good homes.

Listen to journey into adoption...

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