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Welcome the Horses of Wisdom Online Radio Show

Enjoy our List of Guests

(Jaffee Kindred, Dr. Michael Ross, Barbara Wright, Vanessa Wright)


Barbara Wright

of Harmony Horse

Barbara is the Founder of Harmony Horse Works, a non-profit Horse Sanctuary, Creator of ESCT™, artist and more.

Interview with Dr. Michael Ross and Jaffe Kindred regarding OCD and the Stifle issue that LadyGrace has. (December 2008)

Dr. Michael Ross, DVM DACVS, Professor of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania eterinary Medicine. He is also the Director of Nuclear Medicine at the New Bolton Center. "Nuclear scintigraphy at New Bolton Center dates from 1993 and makes Penn Vet among the earliest facilities to offer this form of imaging for large animals. Dr. Michael Ross assumed primary responsibility for developing the facility at New Bolton Center and continues to interpret the studies." (

Real definition of what OCD (Osteochondrosis) is by Dr. Ross:

Jaffee Kindred, degree in Equine Management from Elsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa. (Specializes in troublesome horses - young stock and stallions) (December 2008)

Stable Manager of Dolly Parton, Dixie Stampeed in Orlando, FL; Began riding at age 8 on 30 acres of land; Trained horses in Saratoga, NY; Show Groom in Estes Park for "a Series Circus" based out of Maffit Lake Farm in Cummings, Iowa; Trained Friesen Gelding for Nelsen Sport Horses; Trained Lord of Marlbourgh (Lordi) a GVHA Stallion in 6 weeks. He won 2nd place in the in-hand Stallion class; Ground Training for LadyGrace. (Contact: 407-864-9884)

Full Interview with Dr. Michael Ross and Jaffee Kindred:

Vanessa Wright, founder of The Literary Horse: When Legends Come To Life.

Vanessa is an author, teacher and photographer. I "met" her through the photography she did for someone I happen to know. I noticed something different about her style and what she captured in the photos. In fact, I ordered a few becaue I was blown away by her keen eye and the emotional perception she passed onto her images. In this interview we'll not only talk about her skill as an artist/photographer, but about her journey into this field. What surprised me most was the healing story she revealed while going through a very tough physical time. You see, she had an accident and was not to be able to walk as a result. But because of her amazing attitude and the love of her horse, Pegasus, she not only survived but her doctor declared her a miracle! Pegasus was there to help her through the healing process. When I heard the stoy, tears streamed down my eyes. I knew I was interviewing the RIGHT PERSON. Listen to her enthusiam for life, for what she is doing to inspire others. Enjoy the intetview!

P.S. Background music by Robert Vavra "Horses In The Wind." I highly recommend this CD - It's WONDERFUL!


Adrienne Cohn has a B.S. in Human Services and is a certified Life Coach and founder of Stage Coaching.