May You Be Blessed

With The Wisdom

Of All Horses


Look in their Eyes and You Will Know...

The Secrets They Hold

The Answers They Have

The Love They Share

The Joy They Bring

Open Your Heart

To Their Wisdom


They Will Share It With You!


Horses Of Wisdom Inspirations

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Her Majesty - Lady Grace of Marlborough

Born May 16, 2008

She's my inspiration.

More will be written about her...

Please send her love and healing energy as she has a few medical problems.

She doesn't know it, though.

She behaves just like any foal - nudging for a treat, jumping and or running around a little and being the most loving horse I've ever known!

She has already taught me many, many lessons.

Don't let the small stuff stop you from LIVING.

We started our relationship before she was born...

She's perfect in every way.

I am blessed with the wisdom she has already taught me.

Thank you LadyGrace.

Join me in my Journal...