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October 2, 2008

What experience did you have that inspired you to become a life coach?
"Actually, I didn't have an experience with another life coach. What did inspire me about life coaching is that it is not about therapy but about positive action by helping people move forward in their lives. Having experienced therapy, I do believe it has its place. A few times, I would often become more depressed. The therapist and I would spend a lot of time reviewing the past...never quite moving forward towards results. I never felt complete; there was always a connection between the past and the present.

Life Coaching ( is all about the present, understanding one's obstacles, developing a plan of action and moving forward."

What is the Orphan Connection and why did you want to get involved with it?
"The Orphan Connection ( is a passion of mine that I developed 10 years ago. It is a nonprofit organization that honors orphans who are making a difference. It is not about adoption.

I am originally from Ansbach, Germany, a post-World War II orphan. My biological mother gave me up at birth and I lived in an orphanage for the first four years. My life was very difficult during that time period. I was very thin and suffered from diphtheria. Food, clothing and everything else were scarce. I received very little loving contact. But I survived and have searched my whole life to understand, forgive and not be bitter about my early years.

A miracle happened at age four. I and 40 other children were to be taken to Caracas, Venezuela by a wealthy philanthropher, Dr. Herra Usler. My life magically changed and eventually I was adopted by an American family that lived there. It was a true Cinderella story. At age eight, I came to the States after my adopted father died suddenly from a heart attack. He was my knight in shinning armor to whom I will be forever be grateful. I dropped German and my Spanish. I then became an American citizen at age 11 and integrated into the American way of living."

What advice would you give to someone who is in a creative slump and needs motivation?
"Walk away and/or get out of the house. Notice those friends who enjoy talking to you about your slump so they can talk about theirs. It's a vicious circle. Misery loves company. Choose people who will help you out of the slump and give you encouragement in a positive way. For example, I was in a slump a few years ago, so I learned how to make jewelry. The more involved I was with the beading, the more I thought of different ways I could create things that were motivational. I never in a million years thought I would have the patience to make jewelry, but I found myself loving each piece. Also, when I get in a slump and I look at my precious rescue dog all I can see is how much unconditional love she offers."

Final suggestion: "STEP OUT OF YOUR WAY!"