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One day I received a call about an Angel Horse Foundation and was asked to be part of it by becoming a Guardian for some of the East Coast Gypsy Horse Angels.

I was very excited about this... AND THEN I met Sir Gawaine - the First Gypsy Horse Angel.


A little background about the American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation:

"In 2008, American Gypsy Horse Breed Association (AGHBA) decided to form the American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation (AGHAF) to concentrate solely on the placement of Gypsy horses into therapeutic facilities, known as Gypsy Angels. AGHAF was approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the IRS in 2009. The first Gypsy Angel was placed in May of 2009, and the second placed in October, 2009.

Horses of many breeds are used in a variety of therapeutic ways. Programs are available for people with a range of disabilities, autism, teens at risk, and post-traumatic stress for our war veterans. The Gypsy horse is perfectly suited to work with all of these groups, both in size and in temperament. Therapy can be accomplished on the ground, through grooming and handling, under saddle, or in harness.

The first Gypsy Angel, Sir Gawaine, was placed in the Atlantic Riding Center for Health (ARCH), in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. This NARHA Premier center has been serving its clients for over 21 years. ARCH scored the highest among all the applicants in a rigorous selection process. Sir Gawaine completed his 90-day evaluation period in 30 days, and is currently working with students as a therapy horse."

I met Gypsy Horse Angel SIR GAWAINE and Sue Adams, the Executive Director and founder of ARCH and spent several hourse with them. In fact, I was there long enough to watch him during a therapuetic session.

The following is a YouTube presentation on Gypsy Horse: Sir Gawaine.

Below the YoutTube presentation is the Interview with Sue Adams. Sue tells the story about how she became synchronistically involved with the Angel Project and eventually was awarded the first recipient of a Gypsy Angel.

Learn how you can be a part of this wonderful project by going to: American Gypsy Horse Angel Foundation.

It's all about making a difference. Are you ready to do that?