May You Be Blessed

With The Wisdom

Of All Horses


Look in their Eyes and You Will Know...

The Secrets They Hold

The Answers They Have

The Love They Share

The Joy They Bring

Open Your Heart

To Their Wisdom


They Will Share It With You!


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Welcome to Horses Of Wisdom Healing Circle of Love

This is dedicated to all Humans and Animals

"Where two or more gather...."

Together we can heal what needs to be healed.
Email me and I will add your Animals & Humans to this list.
Please include STATE
There is nothing more powerful than a healing circle filled with love and positive energy.


Travis Johnson
Onyx —
Judy's Horse
Kaylen —
Sylvia Perez —
New York & Massachusetts
Bobbi & Debby's mother - Lois McIntyre
— Virginia
Jennifer and her horses, including Cloud,
who have recently been struck with monensin, due to a contaminated mineral block.
Major (now an angel - passed away 10/24/08) — Ashville, North Carolina
LadyGrace of Marlborough — Marlboro, NY