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Dedicated to my horse Baby who passed away many years ago, and who was and still is my best friend!


Let me tell you a story from way back when...


by Karin Janin


I am originally an orphan from Germany – I lived in an orphanage for the first 4 years of my life. I believe those first four years had a tremendous influence on the person I was and am now.

As time went on, I was adopted twice. My first adopted father became my Knight In Shining Armor. I loved him and still love and miss him. I only knew him for about four years because he died unexpectedly from a heart attack. We moved to Texas and eventually my adopted mother remarried. That was not a “marriage made in heaven.”

Life went on…..

Eventually, the family moved to South Texas – the most God-forsaken part of South Texas. My parents thought it would be a “good idea” to get away from the “big city.”

I was lonely, unhappy, and frustrated with the move. This was during my freshman year in high school.

My parents knew that I was miserable. So one day, my father said to me “come with me, I have a surprise.” We lived on a 100-acre property filled with Mesquite trees, rattle snakes, creatures I’ve never seen before that frightened me, and it was hot, hot, hot!

I walked with him to what had already been on the property – a makeshift barn, and there I saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL HORSE I HAD EVER SEEN! I will never, ever forget that moment. As I’m writing this, tears are streaming down my eyes.

She had been a barrel-racing quarter horse that had been abused.

I carefully went up and petted her and then brushed her. As time went on, she began trusting me. Eventually we became best friends. I called her Baby. I rode her almost every day… usually bareback.

I had been trained on an English saddle and hated the very heavy Western saddle that she was used to. So we settled for no saddle!

She put up with a lot – my singing, my tales of woe, my laughter, my sadness, my tears, my smiles, my secrets, and just about everything else. I was her sole caretaker and loved every minute. She would not allow anyone to ride her but me.

Eventually I went off to college and things changed. My parents were having problems and while I was gone they sold everything… Baby went with the sale. I never saw her again. It was years later that I had found out that she had died of starvation. I was heartbroken, and still am every time it crosses my mind.

Time went on…I got married, had three children, divorced, and had a roller coaster life - most of it very painful. I hardly ever thought about Baby because that too was very painful…. I missed her.

When I say that time went on, I mean at least 35 years.

I remarried, moved to the most beautiful part of New York with a wonderful new husband. But, there was still a void in my life, as peaceful as it was.

We have a little rescue terrier mix named Meadow that I love to take on walks. So Meadow and I would walk to various places. I discovered a trail that led to a horse farm. It was there that I saw a most unusual horse – black and white. It looked like a cross between a pinto and a Clydesdale, but short in stature. I later found out that it was a Gypsy Horse – a new breed from England/Ireland.

Anyway, Meadow and I would visit this horse everyday and I would bring him apples.

But, something else happened….something strange and wonderful…

The energy of Baby showed up one day. As we walked the trail to the farm, there was Baby walking right beside me. It was unmistakable. She and I both started looking forward to our daily walks.

It was at least a month before I met the owner of the first Gypsy horse that I saw. I became friends with her and helped take care of her horses while she was at work. So, I would walk the trail day after day … with Baby's spirit right beside me.

I believe now that Baby had a lot to do with my getting involved with horses again. She knew how therapeutic they would be for me. Baby stayed with me for 2 months and then stopped appearing… for a while.

Eventually, I wound up with a foal that was from one of those Gypsy Horses and named her LadyGrace. When LadyGrace was almost five months old, I brought her to her new home. Baby once again stayed with me for a couple of weeks.

I now have two horses – an older one named Wisdom (Belgian) and LadyGrace.

We just finished a tough winter, the sun is out, snow has melted and Baby has come back for another visit. I smile with joy and welcome her as part of the herd. Baby is the one who is walking with me, giving me advice, etc. She is the one who gives me great ideas as to what I need to do with my two ‘earthly’ horses.

The morale of this story is that our deepest love lives on. Our connection with animals doesn’t stop with death. They will “show up” when needed for various reasons. Baby had everything to do with my getting back into horses and she continues to be my guide. The same can happen to you and your favorite animal(s) when you have an intense connection. Be open and know that the energy of love never dies!

Karin Janin, Author, Pet-Loss Grief Counselor



LadyGrace was born on May 16, 2008. Baby completed her purpose - which was to bring Karin back to a passion that she never forgot.

We all have passions from our childhood and our early adulthood which we wish we could tap back into.

I am here to tell you that you CAN reconnect with your passion. You CAN reach for that dream for I AM that person that loved Baby so much.

LadyGrace with her mother - Magic via YouTube:

For ...

It's Never, Ever Too late to see a Dream Come True!

Karin Janin

The following is some very sad information about LadyGrace.


Sadly, LadyGrace was born with a genetic issue in both her hind legs.
She has Osteochondrisis which will cause lamness for the rest of her life unless she has surgery. And even then, she may still not be totally sound.

For detailed information about Osteochondrisis (OCD) including recorded interviewswith Dr. Michael Ross, a well known Equine Orthopedic Surgeon, please go to the Osteochondrisis page.

She also has a bone chip in her stifle area that is floating around since she was 4 days old.
This was caused by a fall while under the contractual care of the breeder.

We are waiting for the bone chip to attach to the bone through mineralization. This is a positive possibility.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have as to breeder, breeding, and history.
All information regarding LadyGrace is open to the public information!

Dam = Magic a Founderh orse (which means there is no background information is available)
under the guidelines of a Registered Gypsy Vanner (GVHS)

Sir = Babes - A True Registered Gypsy Vanner (GVHS)

Because LadyGrace is now a carrier of the defective gene, I will not be able to breed her.

Remember to find out as much as you can about the horse family history AND about the breeders of any animal you plan to purchase.
I didn't do my homework and would like save others from my mistakes.

LadyGrace's 1/2 brother is Lordi (Lord of Marlborough) - also registered with the GVHS.

Her 1/2 sister is Shalee's Bevin

Her New 1/2 Sister was born in March. So far, no news about this little one. Hopefully she is doing well..

For more information about Osteochondrisis please go this link: Osteochondrisis page.


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